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TS International Convention - Daily Bulletins

Dec 25, 2010 08:46 AM
by MKR

The 135th International Convention at Adyar will commence tomorrow. A visit
to the Adyar website gave me a surprise. Daily Bulletins in pdf format for
each day is indicated. So you can visit each day and see the bulletin and
know the highlights of the day. This is a small step in providing info on
the happenings on a daily basis. I hope, next year, Adyar resorts to live
streaming of the programs, which will bring membership in closer contact
with Adyar. The doability of live streaming has already been proven at the
recent Rome Congress. Internet streaming capability is very easily available
in Chennai, India (where Adyar is located) to the extent that traditional
Indian Weddings (which are generally elaborate lasting hours) are streamed
for the benefit of relatives and friends who are unable attend.

Here is the link for the Daily Bulletins:



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