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Dec 24, 2010 04:36 PM
by thalprin

The UFO subject is I think also more complicated than it appears.  It  certainly has people looking up for the unusual, and these days much less 'oooh and ahhh I'm so excited' and much more science for detecting, investigating, proofing/researching.  

However, check this out; once I saw a plane crossing the sound stop midair like it was having technical problems, waiver its image that then just disappeared - iow, all that was really there was a little metal/lite up orb/drone which, after it did a primary color wheel spin (couldn't get its image/projection back online I guess), zipped off.  

I think it's pretty obvious that somebody, a private faction perhaps, has perfected, been testing, holographics and aircraft drones (involving magnetics is probably a pretty good guess).  

IOW, it might be just as important to wonder about what we see - clearly, if that plane hadn't had techincal problems I would've never known it wasn't a plane at all.  How often does that happen, and we've no idea about it nor a way to detect/'deflect' it, huh.

The rub, of course, is that it's a social obligation, when/if scientific advancements have been made, that they are shared with the world.  When/if advancements are kept private, typically, there are only a few scenerios/reasons pertaining to advantages concerning specific endeavors. 


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