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Update - Use of Pseudonyms in Theosophical Writings

Dec 24, 2010 08:31 AM
by MKR

It is human nature that we all wear masks and want everyone to see us in a
favorable light. Theosophists are no exceptions. We have seen theosophists,
on controversial or questionable matters, keep silent and make others do the
unsavory work to protect the respectable image one has created. In todayâs
Internet age, another tactic is to hide behind pseudonyms so as to avoid
taking personal responsibility for what we say and write.

Most recent phenomenon among theosophical circles is around the matters
relating to the Founder of TS - H P Blavatsky. Some of you may have seem
some of the writings. None of these pseudonymers have disclosed their real
personalities. So speculation is very rife - everyone is a suspect.

Since these writers seem to show in depth knowledge of theosophical matters
and an excellent command of English - normally found only in those whose
first language is English - every one who has written articles and books is
a suspect.

So let us put them on notice and keep vigilant looking for clues or red
flags which may unmask the real persons behind pseudonyms in theosophical

Let us keep tuned in.


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