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Re: The Rise of CO2

Dec 24, 2010 03:24 AM
by pelastration

Dear Joaquim,
Thanks for the article.
In the article is said: "While the world's governments have largely
accepted the science of climate change, their efforts to bring emissions
under control are lagging.".
No! World's governments are obstructing a new technology for
political reasons! In fact there is a technology available to capture
CO2 and CH4 directly from the air. See: Keshe Power cells
<>  . But because the inventor is an
iranian nuclear engineer (Mehran Tavakoli Keshe) the technology is kind
of classified ... since a nuclear engineer from Iran must be (sic) a
very dangerous person!  The materials he collected in his prototype
reactors were independently tested via various spectroscopies by a
professor of the university of Ghent (Belgium), and confirmed to be pure
CO2 and CH4. That professor is put under governmental pressure not to
publish the results and shut his mouth. However the Keshe CO2 capturing
shows something even more spectacular: CO2 and CH4 can be hold in a
nano-state (in which they stay dry/solid at room-temperature). This is
unknown to actual science. Thus a global warming  is considered by
world's governments to be of less importance then their political
games and strategy.
Best regards,
------- In, "jdmsoares" <jdmsoares@...>
> Dear friends,
> Theosophy has a lot to say about the present planetary crises.
> We learn that the cycles of human evolution run alongside the cosmic,
> solar and terrestrial process. It is useful to investigate the current
> critical moment, because it brings with it signals of the arrival of a
> new cycle.
> We have just published at
> <>  an article written by Justin
> Gillis for the "New York Times". The text is entitled:
> The Rise of CO2 in the Atmosphere
> Carbon Dioxide and a Climate Reckoning
> Direct link is
> l
> ml>
> You are also invited to visit at
> <>  the section "Planetary Change and
> Civilization of the Future
> <> ".
> Best regards, Joaquim
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