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Re: theos-talk Re: Theosophy, Blavatsky, and use of pseudonyms

Dec 23, 2010 08:00 AM
by Drpsionic

The best way to handle such clowns is to treat them as clowns and banish  
them with ridicule.  Do not argue with them, do not reason with them.   
Simply make fun of them.
Chuck the Heretic  

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> It is hard to uderstand why some people object  against using pseudonyms.
> In final count, what matter is ideas and not  personalities.

We can probably all agree on that. But the recent issue  has to do with an 
outbreak of witch hunting directed at "Blavatsky bashers."  You have a 
pseudonymous committee of three deciding who is and is not a fit  target for this 
inflammatory accusation. And on the issue of personal names,  they have 
shown a proclivity for using one particular name over and over in a  most 
disparaging manner, while hiding their own. People who post under  pseudonyms 
hide from responsibility for their actions. When those actions  include 
multiple falsehoods and misleading insinuations, the targets are in a  double bind. 
Answer them, and more lies and insults will probably result;  leave them 
unanswered and have them accepted as unchallenged facts. I just  wish these 
people would come out from their hidey holes and engage in a  serious 
historical di_scussion with me and others instead of this childish and  destructive 

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