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Advantages of Electronic Files

Dec 22, 2010 01:15 PM
by MKR

We have time and again discussed why in todayâs world, we need to provide
electronic copies of books available for free on Internet if our intent is
to disseminate information to the benefit of Humanity and not to make a

Just today, I was looking at a voluminous publication in pdf file format and
wanted to search for key words. Of course, there was an index which could
have been used. The traditional index created by someone using judgment as
to what should be in it and what need not be in it. So, any traditional
index suffers from this limitation and in many cases, the traditional index
is severely handicapped.

Lo and behold. I found out that the pdf file can be converted to a
searchable pdf file if you have full Acrobat program. Conversion to a
searchable file is a piece of cake. Once done, you can search by any key
word and this is very powerful when one is looking for a needle in a

So it is time for authors and publishers to wake up to the reality of the
need to make all publications available as a pdf file for free.


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