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H P Blavatksy on Personal God

Dec 22, 2010 12:46 PM
by MKR

Here is what Blavatsky says on Personal God: (from The Theosophist)

The belief in a personal god may do some good under certain circumstances,
but it may also do a great deal of harm according to the attributes which we
give to that personal god. A personal god without personal attributes is
unthinkable and illogical; because it is his personal attributes, which
constitute him a " personal" god. If we believe that such a god is
passionate, revengeful and changeable, if we believe that he favors some aud
condemns others, that he can be persuaded to forgive our sins and thereby
act contrary to tho law of justice, such a belief not only impedes our own
progress, but is highly pernicious.

The words " right" and "wrong" may be used in the absolute or in the
relative sense- Generally speaking it is the intention with which the act is
done, that constitutes its right or wrong. If it is in accordance with the
law of justice, it cannot be wrong ; but we cannot obtain a perfect sense of
justice without a corresponding degree of knowledge

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