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Blavatskyâs Works, Theosophy & Internet

Dec 21, 2010 06:26 AM
by MKR

Blavatskyâs Works & Internet

The amount of writings done by H P Blavatsky, one of the founders of the
Theosophical Society and the one who introduced New Age to the West is
amazing. For example, the Voice of Silence - a theosophical classic was
written in a week; Key to Theosophy - FAQ on Theosophy and Theosophical
Society was written in two weeks.

When she started TS and even subsequently she was âpoor and pennilessâ and
never tried to make a buck out of her own labors. What she wanted was to
spread theosophy so that Humanity would be a better place in the decades and
centuries to come.

Lo and behold. See what is going on today in the theosophical world,
especially in publications supported by theosophical organizations.

We have seen publications such as Secret Doctrine Commentaries - mostly just
transcription of steno record in neat script and the recent publication on
Mahatma Letters to A P Sinnett. They are very pricey and out of reach of
average theosophist who tends to be not rich.

On the other hand, a small group of dedicated volunteers (not funded or
supported by any organization) are putting some of the classic publications
as The Theosophist and Lucifer (both edited by H P Blavatsky) on Internet
for every one to access for free on

Some comments were made here and at other forums that a true theosophist at
heart is driven by making information available for every one for free and
is not driven by making a buck, in the great modern way of thinking. Since
all modern publications are first available in electronic form, a clik of
the mouse can make it available on Internet for free.

What is amazing was the mindset of some âtheosophistsâ in this matter. One
writer, who is hiding behind a pseudonym, questioned whether esoteric should
be made so easily available to world. If one looks at the publications, they
is nothing esoteric about them. It is simply nonsense that anything really
esoteric can be put in writing. This every theosophist knows about.

The spread of theosophy in the West as shown by the continuous decline in
the formal membership shows that more should be done to make the
theosophical material available on Internet for free.

One sometimes wonders what kind of Karma one creates by putting out
publications whose high price act as an impediment for a poor soul to access
them. Of course human mind will always defend and find a logic justifying
high prices and of course putting a buck in the pocket of the authors.


Theosophy should be free for all, like Sunshine.

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