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Lucifer Magazine - Vols 1 - 10 Edited By H P Blavatsky - Soon to be online

Dec 20, 2010 06:32 PM
by MKR

Theosophists and others interested in spiritual matters would be glad to
access Lucifer Magazine edited by H P Blavatsky. It would soon be available
online at and would be free to access. In today's climate
that every theosophical organizations wants to publish flashy pricey books
accessible only to fatcats, this is a welcome news. The whole project is the
result of a few dedicated theosophists and result of their labors with no
direct or indirect support or involvement of any organization or
theosophical "leader".

Internet is here to demonstrate what can be achieved by a handful of
committed volunteers and is a lesson for the fatcat organizations sitting on
millions of dollars and do not know how to make theosophical material
available free to everyone anywhere in the world.


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