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Respect for One's Teacher

Dec 20, 2010 04:52 AM
by jdmsoares

Dear friends,

The study of authentic theosophy provides to every student an unknown
world of learning and growth opportunities.

It is not that those opportunities don't exist before. The question is
that they become more and more vivid to our conscience, or perhaps
better, our conscience becomes more sensible to the subtlest of life.

Like in the old allegory, we slowly stop being eluded by the shadows on
the cave and we star looking for the sun light. The more we strive, the
closer we get to the true source of all knowledge.

History is full of examples about those who knew the light and, by the
love for their fellowmen, returned to the cave trying to wake up those
who continued to take the shadows for reality.

The modern theosophical movement itself contains some of those examples.

There comes a time when every student puts itself in the position that,
he can either "curse" the messenger or he can stand for the truth.

We have just published at
<>   a text entitled:

A Lesson to Henry Olcott

On The Feeling of Respect for One's Teacher

Direct link:

Best regards, Joaquim

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