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Some thoughts on the Theosophist - 1879-1885 - edited by H P Blavatsky

Dec 19, 2010 04:47 PM
by MKR

Some thoughts on the Theosophist - 1879-1885 uploaded to

Scanning and uploading of the Theosophist - 1879-1885 issues is a remarkable
event after more than a century after its publication. For the first time,
readers around the world have Free access to invaluable information
contained in them.

What is significant is that the whole project was the result of a small
group of dedicated independent theosophists without any involvement or
financial or other support from any of the organizations.

Due to the nature of the publication, one should expect every theosophical
organization and every theosophical Internet forum to give maximum publicity
so that theosophists and others interested are made aware of the publication
so that they can benefit from it..

In the next weeks, it would be interesting to watch how many organizations
and theosophical forums are keeping silent about the important fact. It is
not unusual for organizations and individuals keep silent or boycott any
theosophical event or publication unless the organization or its leaders or
the forum owners/leaders can get publicity for themselves from any
theosophical event or publication or even push their particular political

Let us keep tuned and enjoy how things pan out.


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