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Early Theosophist Magazines now online

Dec 18, 2010 09:17 AM
by MKR

Early Theosophist Magazines now on Cyberspace

The Theosophist Volumes 1 to 6, 1879-1885, edited by H P Blavatsky is now
available at They contain wide variety of discussions on
varied theosophical subjects. It should be recalled that in the early days,
the inner Founders and other members of the White Brotherhood, took visible
active interest in contributions to the Theosophist. Till now they were
inaccessible to readers. Now they can be accessed with the click of your
mouse on the computer from anywhere in the world. Also, in these days when
everyone seems to be focused on money and very pricey theosophical
publications, the are free to download and study and research etc.

Bringing them to theosophists and other is due to the labors of many
dedicated theosophists and we should be grateful for what they have done to
the theosophy world. Let us all support the efforts to publish more of the
inaccessible important material and if anyone has any skills or resources -
money and otherwise, please contact Joe Fulton.


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