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Upcoming GC meeting of TS

Dec 18, 2010 08:31 AM
by MKR

In another weekâs time, the GC will meet and it would be interesting to
watch who attends and who does not. The attendance will show if the
theosophical âleadersâ are proceeding in the direction of unity and
cooperation in the interests of theosophy and TS or not.

What will also be interesting to know would be any âproposalsâ on the table
or even suggested by the GC members and super secretly hidden from their
members because they are so radical and self-serving that they dare not tell
their members in advance.

I am here reminded of the ill-fated ultra secret street smart proposal made
by a Quartet of GC members to disenfranchise all of us and seize control of
the International President appointment.

In the opinion of many members around the world, what has been going on in
TS during last couple of years, thanks to Internet, has been really
detrimental to the long term interests of theosophy and TS, whether the
elected leaders around the world see it or not.

Keep tuned for updates when info becomes available.


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