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Re: theos-talk Research,

Dec 16, 2010 06:09 PM
by MKR

Looks like you need to get some help from someone from AZ.

In the matter you have addressed, are there any issues relative to
Theosophical Society or theosophy?


On Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 4:41 PM, thalprin <> wrote:

> Wait until you hear this story as to whether, my friend Rex who passed away
> in AZ a couple of years ago, has been having his Cancer research (which now
> supposedly never happened a/o just disappeared) and (his life's research
> passion, 25+ years) Moon research farmed off by his former lab assistant,
> and basically nurse's aide, for research grants, reputation, and profit
> without giving him due credit nor seeking his childrens' approval/consent.
> Suddenly Corinne's been doing Moon research for years, huh - I was shocked
> and am now planning a little trip to AZ to figure out/resolve these matters
> once and for all. The academic community isn't always as above the board as
> it seems. My first clue, perhaps, should've been when someone got a hold of
> one of my manuscripts a few years ago (probably from Rex's files, that's my
> best guess) and started trying to figure out how/if they could pirate some
> of my theorem.
> She says I'm judging her harshly, however I certainly know what I
> experienced, and I certainly know that, concerning Rex, it doesn't look,
> sound nor feel right to me. Paul Davies ('Physics and Cancer') and Corinne
> Davies ('Moon Researcher') - what a coincidence, and I'll tell you what, I
> don't know what's going on at those universities there in AZ a/b I sure am
> going to find out the truth.
> Terrie

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