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Dec 16, 2010 02:41 PM
by thalprin

Wait until you hear this story as to whether, my friend Rex who passed away in AZ a couple of years ago, has been having his Cancer research (which now supposedly never happened a/o just disappeared) and (his life's research passion, 25+ years) Moon research farmed off by his former lab assistant, and basically nurse's aide, for research grants, reputation, and profit without giving him due credit nor seeking his childrens' approval/consent.  

Suddenly Corinne's been doing Moon research for years, huh - I was shocked and am now planning a little trip to AZ to figure out/resolve these matters once and for all.  The academic community isn't always as above the board as it seems.  My first clue, perhaps, should've been when someone got a hold of one of my manuscripts a few years ago (probably from Rex's files, that's my best guess) and started trying to figure out how/if they could pirate some of my theorem.  

She says I'm judging her harshly, however I certainly know what I experienced, and I certainly know that, concerning Rex, it doesn't look, sound nor feel right to me.  Paul Davies ('Physics and Cancer') and Corinne Davies ('Moon Researcher') - what a coincidence, and I'll tell you what, I don't know what's going on at those universities there in AZ a/b I sure am going to find out the truth.  


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