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Re: Web of Life,

Dec 15, 2010 02:46 PM
by thalprin

The fluid/vapour (ether) layer currently, encompassing and, basically, 'occupying' and depleting the physical body because it is filled with automatrons, ie 'knowing' only consumption and increase, lack any mental or emotional capacity NOR are they working for the good (or evolution) of mankind - clearly, this is not a spiritual body/communion though, clearly, knowing that man has such a layer and can document/utilize its process system is a spiritual advancement of good benefit, specifically, for man.  

The physical body is what we're working with; it is man's car and it's good to be realistic about that - man may eventually evolve (ether layer included) to any number of things/possibilities however not if he can't or he won't actually and realistically understand the truth about his own machinery a/o being.   


--- In, "email2cal" <email2cal@...> wrote:
> DNA requires some explaining in the context of theosophy.  As we know
> theosophical authorities claim that etheric body is a mold for the
> physical body, which implies that the etheric body is where the design
> for a physical body is stored. Now it turns out that the code for
> physical body is stored in DNA which is a gross physical and not an
> ethereal thing.
> Any thoughts?
> Max

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