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Web of Life,

Dec 15, 2010 12:08 PM
by thalprin

Let's talk a little bit about the web of life.  Essentially and as you know the body rebuilds or reproduces itself about every seven years, however, and from man's point of view his situation never returns to where he was; and, it is (his situation) moreorless continually progressive.  

It's probably quite obvious why this/that would be; yup, it's those ever building quantities/habitats at the nano/micro scale continuing along their communities.  What's worse is that these are not inert materials so there's quite a lot of havoc such can cause besides the progressive and eventual nature and pressures of being saturated/overcrowed a/o depleted as an ecosystem.  

These things chain together, do not lack DNA and so these other potential problems/consequences should be quite obvious.

Ultimately, we are talking about more important matters than the health, lives/deaths of this/that person - ultimately when we get to talking about our code/DNA we're talking about serious potential risks (haywire, rewiring, for example) on mass if man continually proves to be less capable than even the smallest of thangs. 


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