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Re: Theosophically,are you rellevant???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Dec 15, 2010 00:32 AM
by email2cal

Dear Ronald,

I see nothing wrong in discussing quotations and other technical issues,
but of course it cannot be a substitute for personal experiences.
Generally speaking, there three components of spiritually oriented work:
practice (e.g., contemplation), study and service. Quotations and
tracing their sources conveniently fall under the second category
(study). If we want to seriously talk about what H.P.B. and the Masters
taught us we have to make sure we clearly understand what they have said
or written and what they intended to communicate. K.H. sometimes, and
H.P.B. very often, were sloppy, and it is a good exercise to try and
figure out what they meant or wanted to say.


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Ronald Brassell <ronaldredroad@...> wrote:
> To John,Chuck,Max,M.K.R.,etc.----Why is it that I hear nothing but
> from every source available from all of you so called neophites,but
nothing from

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