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Re: Introduction,

Dec 14, 2010 06:36 PM
by thalprin

Thanks MKR.

In particular, I have been enjoying the discussion related to matter and spark a/o the breath of and between 'earth and ether'.  I think this is a very important topic; and with science having made the advances it has it's high time such matters were actually proofed.  

Truth is those paragraphs being mentioned are absolutely correct on this issue.  The long and the short of it being that man has a double breath, another layer to his being which involves or includes a voluntary system he has as yet left or kept off a/o untouchable, and scientifically undocumented too.   

Basically, as I see it it's an evolutionary throw back from the aquatic era that lays dormant for the most part and in most individuals.  It follows along the lines of the Chakras, however, it isn't merely a historical illustration nor a theorical or electrical system.  It's actually a processing system; and as I've said I'd guess it was a system evolved for processing microbes in water (aquatic era) that in some individuals, and as a remainer, adapts to the air medium wherein it can or does beome operational.     

If you think about it it isn't really complicated; the body has a system for processing solids, liquids, 'air' -  a prior system developed specifically for processing of the nano or micro scale isn't really that surprising nor is it really amazing - it's just very, very useful. 

At any rate, I am, certainly, enjoying the discussion.


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