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Dec 14, 2010 02:46 PM
by thalprin


I have rejoined Theos Talk today; while many people here may remember me I will, certainly, reintroduce myself.

My name is Terrie, I am (among other things) a Pythagorean Number Theorist with many interests; art, physics, and historical research are just a few of the topics that are of interest me.  

And, this is my website, as many here already know:

I like Theosophy or I continue to enjoy Theosophy, and it's nice to see (and I have looked and explored) that this list has calmed down and the discussions today seem to be much more civil than they were at earlier times; the factional wars (with all its furvor and tantrum) seem to have finally lost their steam which I certainly think is appropriate.

At any rate there's much to explore, discuss, and disclose,


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