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Re: theos-talk Bellinger

Dec 14, 2010 08:43 AM
by Drpsionic

The Mahatma's had to be wise because they knew so very little about  
Chuck the Heretic  

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It is the materialistic science that is becoming more and  more discredit
and not theosophy or even the ideas of the  Mahatma.

In the "Mahatma Letter" number 10 we can read:

We do  not bow our heads in the dust before the mystery of mind -- for we
have  solved it ages ago. Rejecting with contempt the theistic theory we
reject  as much the automaton theory, teaching that states of
consciousness are  produced by the marshalling of the molecules of the
brain; and we feel as  little respect for that other hypothesis -- the
production of molecular  motion by consciousness. Then what do we believe
in? Well, we believe in  the much laughed at phlogiston (see article
"What is force and what is  matter?" Theosophist, September), and in what
some natural philosophers  would call nisus the incessant though
perfectly imperceptible (to the  ordinary senses) motion or efforts one
body is making on another -- the  pulsations of inert matter -- its life.

In "Letters of H.P.B. to  A.P.Sinnett", p.8, HPB tell us that the
text "What is force and what is  matter?" was written (or
dictated) by the Mahatma.

"Phlogiston",  according to that text, it's somehow one
essence of matter and corresponds  to a certain level of the Akasha. It
has also some relation with the  "radiant matter" of Professor

In the same text, the Mahatma  tell us:

Therefore do the Occultists maintain that the philosophical  conception
of spirit, like the conception of matter, must rest on one and  the same
basis of phenomena, adding that Force and Matter, Spirit and  Matter, or
Deity and Nature, though they may be viewed as opposite poles in  their
respective manifestations, yet are in essence and in truth but one,  and
that life is present as much in a dead as in a living body, in  the
organic as in the inorganic matter. This is why, while science  is
searching still and may go on searching forever to s_olve the  problem
"What is life?" the Occultist can afford to refuse taking  the
trouble, since he claims, with as much good reason as any given to  the
contrary, that Life, whether in its latent or dynamical form,  is
everywhere. That it is as infinite and as indestructible as  matter
itself, since neither can exist without the other, and that  electricity
is the very essence and origin ofâLife itself.

[The  Theosophist, Vol. III, No. 12, September, 1882, pp. 319-324]

Best  regards,


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> Max,
> Great question lol! Another enigma of  Theosophy strikes once again!
Bellinger it seems is being quotes or  referenced in regards to "The
Phlogistan Theory" now diescredited by modern  progress in Physics, but
once proposed that there was a invisible primal  substance that remained
after being burnt to ash. I have read this idea in  Hindu philosophical
theory. The mahatma letter gives reference to "The  Theosophist" of
September 1881-1882 but I did not see any article by  Bellinger cited in
there. This looks like another rabbit hole to jump into  a black abyss,
for all we know bellinger is some one's middle name  lol!
> John
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>  Hello everyone,
> K.H. writes in his famous letter # 10  (emphasis added):
> "In other words we believe in MATTER alone,  in matter as visible
> and matter in its invisibility as the  invisible omnipresent omnipotent
> Proteus with its unceasing motion  which is its life, and which nature
> draws from herself since she is  the great whole outside of which
> can exist. For as  Bellinger truly asserts "motion is a manner of
> existence that flows  necessarily out of the essence of matter; that
> matter moves by its own  peculiar energies; that its motion is due to
> force which is  inherent in itself; that the variety of motion and the
> phenomena that  result proceed from the diversity of the properties of
> the qualities  and of the combinations which are originally found in
> primitive  matter" of which nature is the assemblage and of which your
> science  knows less than one of our Ti_betan Yak-drivers of Kant's
>  metaphysics."
> Does anyone know who this Bellinger  was?
> Thanks,
> Max
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