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Re: Geoffrey Farthing´s Manifesto

Dec 12, 2010 10:48 PM
by email2cal

I share Farthing's concerns about theosophy being diluted by foreign
elements, but the solutions he offers may actually harm theosophy. It
seems that what he wants is to carve a niche for theosophy which would
inevitably turn it into some kind of sect and prevent theosophy from
being a synthesis of science, religion and philosophy. This is what his
language suggests: "eradication," "severance from the Society of all
other organizations," "[a] thorough examination of all literature
purporting to be 'theosophical'," "not necessarily  authentic,"
"theosophical literature should be segregated from other material," his
suggestion to stop "book selling or publication as such, without
specific reference to the promotion of a knowledge of  Theosophy," etc.
The end result would be a demarcation line between what is and what is
not theosophy, rather that a continuum of books and teachings that
approximate the truth in various degrees whether they refer to theosophy
and use theosohucal nomenclature or not and whatever that truth is. The
emblem of Theos. Society reads, "There is no religion higher than
truth," and not "There is no religion higher than theosophy," and I
believe Farthing badly misses this important point. I would rename Th.
Society The Society of Seekers for Truth and Brotherhood.


--- In, "jdmsoares" <jdmsoares@...> wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> Mr. Geoffrey Farthing was one of the main Adyar Theosophists in the
> period after the second world war.
> He also was the most outspoken and best known voice in defense of the
> original theosophy in Adyar Society since the 1920s.
> He had much in common with Mr. B. P. Wadia. The difference being that
> Mr. Wadia left Adyar to help the growth of the United Lodge of
> Theosophists in 1922, while Farthing remained within Adyar up to his
> death in 2004.
> I reproduce below some of the most important parts of this 1996
> Manifesto on the future of the Theosophical Society (Adyar).
> See below.
> Best regards, Joaquim.

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