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Theosophical publications in 21st Century

Dec 09, 2010 09:23 AM
by MKR

Theosophical publications coming out of established theosophical
organizations is not keeping up with 21th century technology and needs.

While nicely bound attractive books sitting on a bookshelf may look pretty
and impressive, some of the recent publications are pricey. It is
understandable since with the small circulation, and yet smaller circulation
when the price is high, to cover the fixed cost of production, the per copy
price will be high. The question is, is this the best way to distribute
theosophical material in todayâs world?

One has to think outside the box. Unfortunately, most established
organizations are lead by very old people who while highly dedicated and
committed, seem to miss the simple point. What is the most effective and
efficient way to distribute theosophical information? This question need to
be addressed with an open mind.

Recently a pseudonymous writer made a comment that whether esoteric info
should be made easily available to the casual reader as well as the thought
that the readers must work hard to get the information.

Time and again, readers have been reminded by the Adepts and HPB that real
esoteric knowledge cannot be put in writing. One has to live the kind of
life needed and it has to come from inner illumination or intuition. So
there should be no qualms about distributing the information so that it is
very easily accessible to anyone who is interested - and of course very few
are really interested in the theosophical materials even if offered free.

Once information is ready to be published, why not make it available for
free as a pdf file? Today, we have on-demand printing and anyone who needs a
hard copy can order one. No need to maintain in inventory and all the
additional costs associated with it.

By not making information easily available, we are only missing a great
opportunity in helping theosophy spread around the world.


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