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Trend in Krishnamurti Material may be foreshadowing the future spiritual msg distribution for free

Dec 07, 2010 07:14 PM
by MKR

Jiddu Krishnamurti broadcast his messages through lectures and discussions
and there are only one or two publications which he really wrote. As a
consequence, the verbatim reports of his early lectures were published.
Subsequently, there audios and videos were put out. Some books were
published by collating the material already found in the verbatim reports,
audios and videos.

If you Google, you will find numerous of these reports, audios and videos.
Many of the print materials are found in the form of pdf files. A careful
review of the lists show that enormous amount of material available for
download for free. I am sure, Krishnaji, whereever he is, is very happy that
people around the world are accessing his materials for free on Internet.

The trend described above may the foreshadowing how spiritual material is
going to be distributed in future. The bottom line is free access in

Spiritual organizations like theosophical organizations, whose principal
objective is to distribute the message they have can learn a lesson from
what is going on. While they may be wedded emotionally and financially, to
printed material and copyright that protects the financial interest, events
may take over and all material will be found on Internet for free. Before
this is a reality, it may be wise for them to take the initiative and make
their messages freely available in electronic medium.


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