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Upcoming GC Meeting

Dec 06, 2010 06:14 AM
by MKR

Now we are in December. In a couple of weeks the year will end. The TS
General Council meets end of December. We have not heard anything about any
good proposals by any General Council Member for improving the general
climate created by the election and its aftermath.

It may be a tradition that formal proposals to the GC are not made public.
If a good proposal is there, why not talk about it ahead of time and the
discussions will fine tune the proposals with input from many wise members
and you get the support of the members that is needed for any leader.

Secrecy on matters that are not secret, only raises suspicion especially
when past track record is not that good in respect of the judgement of GC
members. I am here referring to the activities of the GC members at the time
of last election, following ultra-secret proposal to disenfranchise all of
us and the subsequent arguments about the GC meetings and decisions.

Let us wait and see what comes out of the next GC meeting and I hope it
would reflect moves to bring about cooperation and unity of purpose.


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