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Update on English Section developments

Dec 03, 2010 07:06 AM
by MKR

We have seen many messages here and on the Internet about the going-ons in
the English Section, especially the sale of Tekels Park property which has
made the Section the richest in the World.

Recently a member of the English Section, Bilimoria (who has an impressive
long list of suffixes) has written to the GC members about the pitiful
situation in the Section including lack of transparency. (Remember how a
handful of GC members were involved in the super-secret proposal to
disenfranchise all members in the election of International President? You
can decide for yourself how transparently GC members act.) No one should be
surprised about it.

Membership around the world, outside of India has been continually declining
and no one in the GC wants to talk about this hot potato. Also, the events
surrounding the nomination and electioneering of the International President
cast a very bright light on the GC members and other well known theosophists
on their actions and/or their silence and no one has come out smelling like
a rose and in the opinion of many members, the credibility of the leaders
has gone down dramatically.

We should support Bilimoria in his attempt to bring attention to the
situation in England. However, due to the full autonomy of the Sections, if
the Sections comply with the local legal requirements such as election of
officers etc.,  GC is powerless unless there is misappropriation,
mismanagement or misuse of funds of the section. Even then, the matter had
to be resolved only through courts, which is expensive and long drawnout.
With Tekels Park money, the Section is well financed for a legal fight, if

Let us keep tuned in and watch the saga unfold and in the meanwhile pray for
the welfare of the Section.


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