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Why Theosophy Co should make pdf file of SD Commentaries available

Dec 02, 2010 01:55 PM
by MKR

Already the genii is out of the box and no one can put it back. Surely
scanned copies of the book is circulating privately and nothing can be done
about it. There is a need for an electronic copy. Let us say you are
traveling and you do not want to carry the bulky book, you may want to have
a pdf file loaded to your netbook, which is legit. Since no official pdf
file is available for love or money, you will take it from where ever you
can find it. In course of time, it is more likely that every theosophist in
the world who wants an electronic copy will find one for free.

In the circumstances, the most practical thing to do is for Theosophy
Company itself make an electronic copy available on Internet with some
suggested donation on the lines of shareware software. Most theosophists are
reasonable people and will be supportive of such a move. This would benefit
everyone. If you need for a hard copy, you can always buy one. And we have
best of both worlds.

I hope Theosophy Company realize the current situation and soon makes the
wise decision to upload a pdf file to Internet.


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