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SD Commentaries - Review in Aquarian Theosophist

Dec 01, 2010 09:47 PM
by MKR

When the publication of SD Commentaries was announced, there were criticisms
about the high cost of the hard back publication which made the book
inaccessible to many theosophists and there were calls to make the
publication available in electronic form, either free or at a low cost. To
this day, we have not heard anything from the publishers about meeting this

Since the call of free or low cost electronic edition is a very reasonable
one, it has found resonance in most quarters except from a few elitists in

I was pleased to note a review of the book in the Aquarian Theosophist,
July-August 2010, pp. 13. There is a footnote by the reviewer which states:

âSome Theosophy discussion groups have discussed the need
to make an electronic version of the book available from the
publisher (freely or at a lower cost) for those theosophy
students to whom the hard copy version is out of reach.â

More clamor from theosophists around the world is needed to open the eyes of
the publishers so that they do the right theosophical thing; make the
publication accessible inexpensively for everyone interested.

You can read the Aquarian Theosophist Review (pp. 13) at:



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