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Esoteric Stuff in SD Commentaries

Dec 01, 2010 03:30 PM
by MKR

As we all know, the recently published Commentaries on Secret Doctrine is a
very pricey book which most theosophists cannot afford. This makes the
circulation small. Already the number of theosophists around the world is
very minuscule. When most members cannot afford to purchase the book, its
circulation becomes more minuscule.

Apparently some who seem not to know what is going on in the street, has
invented a reason - the commentaries are esoteric.

One has to laugh at the suggestion. HPB herself has stated that the Secret
Doctrine is not an occult book, but a printed work for the public. How can
discussions on the contents of a public work become esoteric stuff?

The publishers have to wake up soon. Else I will not be surprised in a
couple of years to find the book at a deeply discounted price on Amazon.


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