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Secret Doctrine Commentaries - Update

Dec 01, 2010 02:46 PM
by MKR

Secret Doctrine Commentaries - Update

Fifteen years ago, due to the good fortune of theosophists, the record of
the discussions that HPB had in London Lodge in 1889 was discovered. The
transcriptions were professionally made and edited and typewritten and the
document was in a good shape.

It was this year the commentaries were edited and published in Europe. Not
only enormous amount of time lost, when published, it was too pricey for
most theosophists. We should remember, traditionally theosophists are not
fat cats, and especially most theosophists outside the West cannot afford to
buy it.

The commentaries themselves are out of copyright. The book is copyrighted
since it has a preface, footnotes, and index. Many theosophists who have
seen the published material feel that the added value is very minimal

Today, technology has made scanning of documents easy and cheap. In
addition, once scanned material is uploaded to Internet, it is available
around the globe for free.

Now is the time to make the original commentaries available to theosophical
world. If the current custodians can make a photocopy of the documents
available, they can be scanned and uploaded to Internet at no cost to them.
There are many theosophists who can get this done in quick order.

Once the originals are in Internet, theosophists around the world can
collaborate and discuss them in Wiki style and this would benefit for the

Once one has access to the original material on Internet, will surely buy
the book for its added on value and perhaps to adorn their bookshelves.

Who can deny the above offer? Hope the current custodians respond to it


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