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Re: Point Loma Theos History Library Burns

Dec 01, 2010 01:49 PM
by chandrasekaryas

Dear MKR,

I tried to help it buying new books in its web-bookstore ("")on August 18, 2010. After all, it is to owe of every theosophist to help the theosophical cause.  
Unhappily I didn't receive the 13 books that I bought at web-bookstore and I didn't obtain any answer for e-mail on this.

I don't care if my purchase in the web-bookstore became donation, but I could be honestly noticed.

If the web-bookstore is not working, then they should inform the visitor, so that this last one doesn't pay for a book that won't receive.

Best regards,

Chan (from Brazil)

--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> Here is some very sad news many missed. This can happen to anyone. Years
> ago, the library of TS in Austin, Texas was destroyed by fire.
> In todayâ??s world, scanning and converting documents to electronic files is a
> feasible option especially with the dropping prices of scanner.
> My hope is Point Loma will be able to digitally scan their entire
> collections soon. Anyone wanting to help the project should contact Point
> Loma directly.
> Dear Friends -
> I have very unfortunate news. The recent fire consumed virtually all of
> PLP's back inventory (95% of its published in print books)  and 85% of the
> library, etc.  (Some books and all the archive of photos and art work are
> safe and some archive originals at another location.) Additionally a
> complete copy of the archive was made about 6 years ago, but much original
> material was lost.  A complete overview of the loss will be accomplished
> during the next 1-2 weeks.The fire storm came through at 1000 degrees+ so
> everything burned from the inside out with near 100 mph winds according to
> the fire department Sunday night October 21. This fire burned around 80,000
> acres during last week in San Diego County. A second fire burned almost
> 200,000 acres in the north part of the county.
> Such is the impermanent nature of things, and though the wisdom lives on,
> there is the importance and necessity of safeguarding and maintaining for
> future generations the literature of the Theosophical Movement  in an
> accessible way as well. To that end we are initiating with the cooperation
> of Theosophical friends and groups in the US and Europe a project to
> digitally scan the entire Point Loma Theosophical literary heritage. Those
> interested in more information about this or contributing to its support may
> contact us at info@... Direct financial contributions may
> be made via papal    or by check to Point Loma Publications 4060 Adams Ave.
> San Diego, CA 92116. (Donations are tax deductable.) As this project
> develops we will also be re-building the library and collaborating with
> others in establishing  long term centers in different location(s) for
> Theosophical study, research and practice.
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