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Re: theos-talk Sydney Conference on Legacies of Theosophy

Oct 28, 2010 11:47 PM
by Govert Schuller

Find below the original "Call for Papers" for the conference.


SSLA [The Sydney Society for Literature and Aesthetics] Call for Papers

The Legacies of Theosophy: Unveiling Mysteries of the Creative Imaginary
Organised by:
The Sydney Society for Literature and Aesthetics
The Society for the Study of Religion, Literature and the Arts
And in conjunction with the Australian National Office of the
Theosophical Society.
30 September 2010 - 3 October 2010.
The University of Sydney
This conference will explore the cultural legacy of Theosophy and the
wider theosophical movement in terms of its considerable impact on
twentieth century spirituality, modern art, music, literature, politics
and science.  The works of H.P. Blavatsky sought to demonstrate the
existence of a vast evolutionary scheme encompassing the whole of
nature, physical and spiritual.  Taken up and augmented by the likes of
Annie Besant, C.W. Leadbeater, Rudolf Steiner and others, this broad
outline, with its implications for the human potential, was highly
The Theosophical Society has had an active presence in Australia since
1894. Luminaries such as Alfred Deakin, Australia's second Prime
Minister, was a member of the Society; as was Professor John Smith, one
of the three inaugural professors of The University of Sydney.  Walter
Burley Griffin and Marion Mahoney Griffin, architects of the nation's
capital, were members of the Anthroposophical Society.
The conference also seeks to explore the continuity and continuous
renewal of some of the key ideas regarding spiritual evolution
circulating around the modern theosophical movement, many of which date
back to antiquity.  It invites radical approaches to accepted
perceptions and established ideas about Theosophy, The Theosophical
Society, its offshoots and its key authors.  It asks for new
understanding of the great theosophical leaders and spiritual teachers
of the modern world, based on an objective and searching appraisal
rather than undue bias whether positive or negative.

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  Subject: theos-talk Sydney Conference on Legacies of Theosophy

  University of Sydney hosted a two day Conference on The Legacies of
  Theosophy: Unveiling the Mysteries of the Creative Imaginary on Oct. 1-2,

  It is learnt that some very interesting material were presented by the
  authors who are mostly academicians and it appears that they will be
  published in a book form in due course.

  One wonders why no one thinks of putting such materials quickly on Internet
  without going thru the print based time consuming and expensive process.

  Let us keep tuned in.


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