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Re: theos-talk Re: Isis Unveiled

Oct 15, 2010 08:01 AM
by Drpsionic

What the Europeans do will, as always, not matter.  Scientology  is 
flourishing in the US.
Chuck the Heretic  

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I don't know what is happening in your little corner of the world,  but 
and Australia are currently proposing legislation to remove  Scientology as 
charity/ religion and remove their tax  free loophole.  No doubt, Europe 
shortly follow  

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>Scientology being closed down? What  planet are you living on? It's still 
>In 64ce,  no one would have bet much on the future of Christianity.
>Chuck  the Heretic
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>As Scientology  is being systematically being closed down and brought into 
>disrepute - are these new foundations, simply a restructuring of  
>Any one wanting to know so much about me leaves  me very suspicious about 
>motives. The spiritual path is  not about our psychological nature so why 
>need for a psych  evaluation?
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>>Thank for your  comments and reply. My view about Theosophy has been from 
>time to  
>>time posted here. I have the position that was inculcated by  knowledge I 
>>when exposed to Scientilogical methods I  was taugh such as Goals- 
>Targeting - 
>>Survey techniques. In  order to know what is "Wanted - Desired- and 
>Reached for"  
>>one does a type of market survey to find out just what turns  people on 
>and off. 
>>The result gives a pretty good  indication of the present state of the 
>>consciousness of a  population such as the current young generation which 
>>removed from Blavatskys days by 119 years of" start - change -  stop" 
>>which forms the evolution seen. The  victorian age ended 
>>largely becuase of evolution of  science and mans expanded understanding 
>>reason. People  just do not reach out or desire the same things of 
>>time. In order to create a public that wants and desires what you  offer 
>you have 
>>to offer what they actually will reach for  and based on book sales 
>is one 
>>good parameter to  measure the current publics "reach" it seems to me to 
>>everything that Morten wants to erase from existance however fron  people 
>of my 
>>age may see differently. Today they hold  "Psychic and Paranormal Fairs" 
>and "UFO 
>>Conventions" in  Europe, Asia, So, America, America, Canada, Australia 
>>large public attendence by persons able and willing to pay some  times 
>$600 -700 
>>USD to see videos, listen to presentations  about Psychic, Paranormal, 
>UFO, Life 
>>after Death, NDE's,  Past Life Recalls and a plethora of other subject 
>>This, for the last several decades has been a "Success Formula"  that 
>>it does not represent a significant  percentile of the general population 
>>easily gathers  more people annually than the entire world wide 
>>Theosophical Societies in my view.  
>>In the i970's I used to go to the Besant  Lodge on Beachwood Dr. in 
>Hollywood. On 
>>what was called  then the "Temple Hill "area. The directorvback then a 
>>Silberman. After entering the front vestibule one stepped into the  book 
>>that had the primary Theosophical titles by  Blavatsky, Olcutt and Judge 
>etc. But 
>>these volumes took  only a little space of the total shelf space. The 
>>occupied then like now by books on the above mentioned topics. The  
>>that was that that is what sold! Lodges are  significantly supported by 
>>sales income which also is  part of the tithe sent to HDQTRS. 
>>My view  is Blavatsky's "Economy of the Being" , "The Seven Fold 
>>that defines that "gestalt" of each persons individual make up,  and 
>is the 
>>determining operative make-up that causes  people to "Reach" is not 
>something any 
>>one can postulate  away, or evade the existence of. To my view it is a 
>>operating contributor to what is "Acceptable and "Desired" by each  
>>economy, moment to moment, through each life time  that dictates what 
>>each of us to what we will  gather to ourselves as fullfillment, 
>>and  expansiveness to our beingness and understanding according to our  
>>aggregates that are in manisfestation unique to our  individualitys. If 
>>has a deficit in terms of  what is "Wanted", "Desired", "Needed" I and 
>>such asa young generation will never be attracted no matter how  much 
>others wish 
>>it to happen.  
>>Mkr has spoken of the large attendance to  Theosophy in India by Indians. 
>But to 
>>really know why it  attracts them an in depth analytical measurement and 
>>should be performed. I think the findings will be very specific to  the 
>>culture self concepts which will be unique to  them. Also there has been 
>>of the large Brazilian  interest 
>>as to Theosophy, i entertain a view that  Brazil has a very large 
>>"Spiritualism" a long  established character in Brazil. There seems to be 
>a large  
>>following after the teachings Alan Cardec Mesmerism in Brazil both  areas 
>lend to 
>>easy curiosity as regards Theosophy, Brazil  has the "Mountain of the 
>>some wherethere but I  have forgotten what Martin Leiderman told 
>meppersonally in  
>>1970's and I haven't been abel to find it otherwise. My point is  today 
>there are 
>>yet certain "Cultures" that have  populations that can be receptive in 
>>degree's  than more western industrialized nations due to the 
>"receptivity" of  
>>the populace to the "Mysteries" composed of a multitude of  unknowns to 
>them. Not 
>>everyone wants to be a buddhist or  other type, "differentiation" is the 
>>operandi and  homogenaity is a pipe dream. 
>>Some have  mentioned lodges that have Teaching Courses all over the 
>>it takes considerable time spent when it is a in depth worthwhile  
>>usually with a course "Fee" that helps support the  maintenance of the 
>roof over 
>>the head of the lodge itself  an other expenses. Courses are worth while. 
>>time is  not always found next to the whell of necessity of daily life 
>>So many just will purchase books on subjects they  value for personal 
>>Online Blog and discussion  groups can be a good experience as well as 
>>to  friendship with other who have the same interests.  
>>Today there can be "Personal Channels"  created by individuals or 
>>that have a wide  character from mediated instructor ship or only 
>>without personal exposures. I have seen a variety of them online.  In 
>China today 
>>the Chinese User internet population is  over 300 million individuals 
>almost the 
>>entire population  of the USA. In china today there is a protacted 
>>Flap that features videos and cell phone photos thown on nationa  and 
>local news 
>>here in the USA. The Chinese have a large  legacy of beliefs, 
>>curiositys etc, yet a  brand new middle class has appeared that is 
>>the directions of minds there as has happened practically  everywhere 
>>serial order on this planet over time.  Hamlets Mill will grind those who 
>>in being  resistant to change to make flour of them.  
>>What happened to the previous world and  civilizations was "Start- 
>>we need to be able  to see that when it is happening with awareness and 
>>truth. Then make the proper appropiate adaptions. The Sumer,  Accadians, 
>>Assyrians, Hittite, Lemurians,  Altantians and all the rest became flour 
>>they failed  to move in time with the wave of change, solve et coagula. 
>>dissolve and appear a new having appropiateness and context as  dictated 
>>evolutions of our beingness in keeping with  the "Lords of Karma" on the 
>>scal_es of magnitudes,  micro to macro, as Blavatsky spoke of as well as 
>>others past. 
>>To me , it is not  a question of "deviation" from a set program, but the 
>>and senior Nature of Life , that which is the All that we come  with, and 
>>that is About _us, of we we are it's ray of  expression. Once I and 
>>instructed "Seek not of  I ----- Seek rather the Energy of your own Being 
>>and  the Space that is About you". We have our existance in the Ocean of  
>Beauty a 
>>la Proclus and Plotinus, we sail as sailors like  the Argonauts pushed by 
>>waves of Life itself.  
>>Regards to all, 
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>>Hi John, you know that I hold you in the highest of  respects. And I am 
>>educated by your posts on Juan  Moricz - you being my only, learned 
>as to 
>>In regards to the url you cite, I am  puzzled by the fact that theosophy 
>at one 
>>time at the  forefront of human development - in the 21st century has 
>dwindled to  
>>a sorry state where it is seen as an, at most, curious  superstition or 
>>erroneous cultic belief system developing out  of the reactionary forces 
>to the 
>>early industrialisation  processes of western society (six years before 
>>Unveiled" saw print the steam engine was 'discovered') - has not  grasped 
>>unique era in embracing the various new  communications platforms. 
>>My estimate is  that this is for a variety of reasons: fear and lack of  
>>understanding of the new, lack of trust in a new generation,  failure to 
>>understa_nd evolutionary processes in regards _to the  tension fields 
>created by 
>>adherence to dogma in the  austere bodies of wisdom and the esoteric 
>schools, and  
>>utmost sloppiness in regards to heritage preservation and  maintenance. 
>>Kind regards,  
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>>> Theo, 
>>> I wanted to give you  a website link: 
>>> Links to Theosophical Texts  Online 
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_ ( _) 
>__ ( 
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>>> You and others might find some unread worthy  documents among the 
>What is 
>>>your view of Juan  Moric z ? 
>>> Regards,  
>>> John 
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