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Re: Letter to TSA National Board re: Finance Director and Chief of Staff positions

Sep 26, 2010 03:31 PM

I had a look at the TS of America's website and I think I can see why membership in the USA is dwindling.  It's the first time I've had a look at this site and imo they need to hire a futurist.

The site, the school/society' promotional content, it gives the impression that the school is devoted these days to a whole lot of activities not so unlike P.E..  Extracurricular activities are an important part of any society a/o academic insitution a/b for an institution whose aims are as serious as Universal understanding and advancement and the Universal brotherhood of mankind too much fun and fluff is going to convey (to the individual and the public at large) a lack of seriousness a/o apt as well as promoting (to the individual and the public at large) a lack of confidence that such a society or institution is actually up for (or accomplishing) the task of its own aims and ambitions.

I read through the courses on offer, the worshops, the meet and greets, so on and while I ended up thinking that the society and its school is composed of a lot of very nice and quite dedicated people, good souls if I might say so, I none-the-less came away thinking where's the beef; the science, the serious historical and symbolic discussion, the academic pursuits, the cutting edge research or round table of researchers.

They are, I think, wise to reach out; Theosophy isn't aimed to be a New Age fad; makes me sad to see it lacking certain types of direction.          

--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> September 20, 2010
> To:
> Betty Bland, Tim Boyd, Elwin Barrett, Barbara Hebert, Marilyn Trotman, Jerome
> A Michel, Wallace Rainey, Nelda Samarel
> Dear Brother/Sister:
> As some of you know, I am a member of TSA attached to San Antonio, Texas
> Lodge.
> There are two items relating to the administration at Wheaton which came to
> my notice that I thought I should share my thoughts. They are the  Finance
> Director and Chief of Staff.
> Current plans seem to require the person  appointed to the Finance Director
> job had to be physically present and work at Wheaton. You may all recall
> that Bro Algeo, when he ran for the position of International President in
> 2008,  in his vision regarding administration of TS, stated that:
> â??But the international rules do not require residence at Adyar for
> administrators. Moreover, modern communication makes it possible for able
> and dedicated people around the world to serve in key administrative posts,
> without having to relocate from their homes.â??
> Thus implying that even the International President can function from
> his/her home anywhere in the world.
> Now we have an ideal opportunity for TSA to run a pilot test and see if the
> replacement Finance Director can function from his home anywhere in the USA,
> so long there is high speed Internet connection.
> I urge the TSA Board to try the practical test to see if it is workable. If
> it does, it will save a lot of money for TSA at a time of tight budget.
> Also  it can be rolled out world-wide to all Sections as well as at
> International level.
> The second item of interest is the Chief of Staff position. This is an
> expansion of bureaucracy by an additional level. Even though, it may start
> off as voluntary, it may tend to slowly evolve into a highly paid position.
> Also members do not know about the compensation in kind or otherwise for the
> position. [Traditionally, compensation issues are tightly kept secrets in
> all organizations.]
> It looks like the new position is  just like the Chief of Staff to the
> President of the United States. Such a position usually wields enormous
> power due to its gate-keeper role. Members have no idea how this position is
> going the improve spreading of theosophy in the USA and address the very
> critical issue of membership recruitment and retention.
> We all know that in TSA Membership has continued to decline, in spite of
> leadership of very dedicated, highly educated, and highly experienced
> theosophists at the top.
> Let me also add that  I have never seen a chief of staff even at the
> International level. When Annie Besant was President, she was very active in
> her theosophical, political and social projects, and she did it without the
> help of a chief of staff. She achieved much and all she had was a personal
> assistant. So the current need at TSA is very intriguing, to say the least.
> I request you all to consider the above in your decision making on the two
> issues cited.
> Fraternally yours
> M K Ramadoss
> San Antonio TX
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