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Re: 10th Anniversary of theos-talk

Sep 15, 2010 12:43 PM
by M. Sufilight

Thanks Eldon!
Well thank you all of you.

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  Subject: 10th Anniversary of theos-talk

  Today, theos-talk at yahoo groups celebrates its 10th anniversary. In the
  Internet world, 10 years is a long time and the foresight of Eldon in
  setting it up and what it has contributed to the theosophical movement is
  priceless. He has earned very good Karma for it.

  The list has world-wide membership from various theosophical organizations
  and many who do not belong to any. It is dynamic in that it operates round
  the clock and all year round and everyone knows the velocity of the traffic
  when important issues are discussed.

  We should thank many active members have devoted a lot of their personal
  time and resources to post messages and engage in discussions, and we should
  not overlook the critical contributions and support of the sizeable majority
  of lurkers. For every subscriber, it is very likely that 10 to 20 others
  keep up with what goes on here. Theosophical organizations and theosophical
  leaders are known to monitor the activity here and that shows the attention
  paid to what is discussed here and it is very good for the theosophical

  The message traffic in the list has made very valuable contribution to the
  historical, philosophical, and organizational aspects of the theosophical
  movement. The archives, which are public, speak for itself.

  Browsing the archives would convince anyone that it has historical
  information which you will not find any where else. Also there are a lot of
  philosophical discussion messages which help theosophical students.

  First time that the Internet maillists came to the forefront of
  organizational matters was when changes were made to the bylaws of the TS
  American Section and it gave a taste of its role in informing readers about
  the issues.

  Next major role it played was during the last International President
  Elections. Many members are of the opinion that the greatest crisis that TS
  (Adyar) has faced since the Leadbeater crisis, is the recent election. While
  a very clever well oiled, organized and coordinated attempt was made to
  defeat the re-election of the sitting President, theos-talk played the key
  role of distributing information to members world-wide so that well informed
  members exercise their votes based on them.

  When the attempt to defeat the sitting President did not succeed, an ultra
  secret attempt was made to disenfranchise all members in the election of the
  International President, and its early discovery and dissemination to
  shocked membership defeated the attempt. Had the attempt succeeded, no one
  can imagine what the future would have been for the TS. Theos-talk can take
  full credit for timely and quick dissemination of this attempted

  The forgoing facts puts everyone on notice that any secret maneuvering
  schemes affecting theosophical organizations and movement developed secretly
  behind the scenes are bound to be discovered and get broadcast to the world,
  since theos-talk is outside the control of all organizations.

  Internet is becoming the medium of choice for communication and distribution
  of news and information. And we can expect Internet to help theosophical
  movement in ways no one can imagine today.


  There is no religion higher than Truth

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