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The Shiwa - stika

Aug 30, 2010 03:27 PM
by Martin

I have mentioned the "Disc of Vishnu"  several times now on the T.A.K. pages and 
below I'll add a bit more  understanding about 'Shiwa' in the Times we live 
Shiva is One, It is the One Eternal Moving Energy "living" in all Forms and 
Names as well as without Forms and Names.
It is Compassion and this Compassion moves  like a Needle in a Compass towards 
all directions within your Ring Pass  Not, your existence, as It also does 
This Time we live in is called Kali Yuga,  the Yuga where Kali rules. Kali is 
the Aspect of Shiva in times like  this where Shiva has 1000 names and where we 
can learn 1000 times faster  than in a Satya Yuga.Of course because of the speed 
of learning  there is much suffering in forms and names, however all suffering 
is  temporary as is enjoying. Only the Stillness of the Mind will be an  Active 
Ocean, where the Winds of the Spirit realize Their Reflections.  This Quietness 
is called Nirvana, and Its Movement is called  Compassion...


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