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The 1900 Letter from Mahatma KH

Aug 28, 2010 01:47 PM
by MKR

The famous 1900 letter from Mahatma KH to Annie Besant is one of the
significant letters received. While there are many messages on this letter
on theos-L and theos-talk mailing lists, I found a message in the theos-l
archives from  Jerry Hejka-Ekins which gives comprehensive historical
background to the letter as well as some comments. The message is at:


The message provides very valuable historical information on the letter  and
it brings us to the topic of the archives of theos-l and theos-talk.

Recently a theosophist friend of mine was commenting that the archives
contain extremely important historical material for the posterity and we
need to be thinking of preserving them. It may be recalled that when an
Australian theosophist died some time back, very valuable material in his
website was lost when the website was shutdown due to lapse in payment of
fees to the ISP. This is a danger inherent in dealing with sites maintained
by individuals.

>From day one of Internet public mailists organized by individuals such as
John Mead and Eldon Tucker, we have seen a systematic avoidance of the
maillists by theosophical leaders and their organizational followers and we
have discussed this on this list several times. The archives present a
different important issue.

First TS has to recognize the value of these archives for the posterity and
future theosophists would be best served if these archives are copied and
preserved by the libraries at Adyar and at National Headquarters. This
involves very little cost and effort.

I hope TS librarians wake up and get the ball rolling soon.


There is no religion higher than Truth

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