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Joy Mills' 90th Birthday

Aug 26, 2010 06:50 PM
by MKR

I received following from a fellow theosophist. Some here would be


>From Nelda Samarel []

  Dear Sister/Brother,

As you most likely are aware, Joy Mills will be 90 this October. We are
planning to have a celebration here at Krotona for her birthday. Although we
would love to have all Joyâs friends from around the theosophical world here
to celebrate with her, we know this is not possible. And so we are inviting
you to send your greetings for her birthday.

We plan to compile all the greetings and have them bound into a book to
present to her as a SURPRISE.

We invite you to send your birthday greetings for Joy to us so that they may
be included.

Please send greetings via email or, if you wish your greetings to include
color, photos, or graphics, via email attachment to Please remember that Joy knows nothing about
this so do NOT send your greetings directly to her.

 We also invite you to circulate this to any other TS members and friends of
Joy who you think may be interested in sending their greetings. In order to
have your greetings included in Joyâs 90th birthday book, we must receive
them *no later than September 7*.

I look forward to receiving your personal greetings for Joy. (I apologize if
any of you have received duplicates of this message.)

With warmest fraternal greetings,

Nelda Samarel and Maria Parisen

for Joyâs Krotona Family

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