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Re: theos-talk Einstein's Secret Doctrine

Aug 24, 2010 10:56 PM
by Augoeides-222

Thanks for your post about the Einstein SD donation. I have also wondered about it but your the first to provide a critical fact about the tale. Like so many other things involving Madame Blavatsky's terms, names, etc., I have reached many a dead end when trying to source the actual name, place, item even when using the monster data searches we have available to us today. It is disheartening to say the least. It is a synchronicity today though as earlier I was actually looking at a Photograph of Einstein standing with the famous Poet Tagore as a result of a unrelated search about Neelkanta Mahadeva Temple and Chhinnamasta lol! Some times we get unusual contents we don't expect also. 

Nice to see you post again, wb, 
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Subject: theos-talk Einstein's Secret Doctrine 

Several days ago we started posting over on the Theosophical Network 
about Einstein's copy of the Secret Doctrine, which is a story related 
by Sylvia Cranston and Leon Maurer, among others. 

So far the story goes: 

Einstein's "niece" delivered the book to the Theosophical Library at 
Adyar, India. This incident is related in the Sylvia Cranston book, " 
HPB;: the extraordinary life and influence of Helena Blavatsky, founder 
of the modern theosophical movement, G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1993, 434; 
ibid, Ref: Notes, Part 7, Note 21". Also, according to Cranston, the 
volume was given to Eunice Layton in the "mid-1960's", while the 
Layton's lived at Adyar, and the donation was witnessed by the wife of 
BP Wadia. 

To date, we have found that Einstein did not have a niece, as his only 
sibling, a sister, Maja, died childless. Therefore, we have no 
certainty of who it was who delivered the book. 

Many people in the movement accept this story as fact. If it is 
factual, then we need to do what we can to have the volume digitized and 
made publicly available to all. Am I concerned about what Einstein 
wrote? No, not really. It could be as meaningless as a few scribbles, 
or it could provide new insights into the nature of the universe, and 
specifically for Theosophists, a new way of understanding the Secret 

If anyone has information that will help us track down the story behind 
Einstein's Secret Doctrine, please shoot me a message over at 

Also, please feel free to spread this message around the web to whomever 
may help or you feel may benefit. 

Thanks much, 


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