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Theos_Talk and its Administration

Aug 22, 2010 09:12 PM
by MKR

Theos-talk mailing list is unique in that it has members from various
theosophical organizations as well as theosophists who do not belong to any.
While there are a range of views about the list, many theosophists around
the world are of the opinion that, theos-talk has played a very critical
role in furthering the interests of theosophy and TS. It is due to the
active participation of many members as well as due to behind the scenes
activities of many lurkers who outnumber active participants. Thanks to

The list policies that have been in place in the past will continue and may
be modified as needed. There are a large number of lurkers in the list.
While we do not hear from them, in administering the list, their interests
are also kept in view since we cannot afford to lose them due to the message
traffic in the list.

In Internet mailing list world, there is no such thing as a 100% unmoderated
list. In administering the list, various issues such as: spam, trolling,
excessive ad hominem and personal attacks, continuation of heated threads,
posting offensive material, use of profanity, etc. etc. do come up from time
to time and remedial tools available for list administration have to be used
as needed.

Administration of mailing list takes a lot of time and it is hoped that
issues such as the above come up infrequently and it is also hoped that the
list would continue to play a critical role in theosophical matters.


There is no religion higher than Truth

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