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Re: [theos-l] New web-site

Aug 21, 2010 04:06 PM
by MKR

Congratulations on putting up the nice website.


On Sat, Aug 21, 2010 at 7:22 AM, Erica L. Georgiades

> After we designed the web-site for the Theosophical Society in Greece -
> - we decided it was time to create a web-site
> for our lodge. A year ago we got the space and domain name,
> but we were so overloaded with other activities and we had no time to create
> the web-site.
> Finally during our stay-cation there was no excuse for not organizing the
> site. So it is done. The web-site is now online and in two
> languages: English and Greek. The English part of the site is finalized.
> Still there is a lot of material to be added. The Hellenic part of the site
> is also ready, but we are finalizing the magazine of the Lodge (in Greek) to
> launch all together.
> The design of the web-site is mainly created around the painting *Hypatia*by Charles William Mitchell, and the banner of the site depicts the eyes of
> a Serapis statue. The Serapeum or Serapis Temple was a very important area
> of the library of Alexandria, Egypt.
> A very interesting material is also available in the English part of the
> site, which is the book *The Extracts from the Vahan*.<>The book contains more than 300 questions answered by early Theosophists.
> Eventually I plan to address in my so neglected blog - some question of the
> Vahan.
> Etca

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