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Re: theos-talk TSNZ - Restructuring Proposal - Update

Aug 21, 2010 04:03 PM
by MKR

On the issue of transparency and the ability of any member in good standing
being able to be nominated for election to the board, I just heard from one
of those behind the TSNZ restructuring move. Here is the quote:

âWe (the TSNZ members behind this proposal) agree with the notion of
We envisage member-observers being able to attend Board meetings, also any
member in good standing (who has been a member continuously for a defined
minimum period) be able to be nominated for election to the board.â

It is also heartening to see the openness in the proceedings of the board.
This contrasts with the closed Board Meetings of TS in America and the scant
details released about the decisions of the Board. I hope the Board of TS in
America also considers opening up and allowing members to be present in
Board meetings as observers.


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