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Re:Thanks Eldon for your reply. MKR, please reply - FOHAT

Aug 14, 2010 11:34 PM
by M. Sufilight

Dear friends

My views are:

May I?
I suggest, that we consider the idea of openmindedness and secterian behaviour...

I tend to add the following from the co-founder of the TS:

Blavatsky wrote in "WHAT ARE THE THEOSOPHISTS?":
"The Society's members represent the most varied nationalities and races, and were born and educated in the most dissimilar creeds and social conditions. Some of them believe in one thing, others in another. Some incline towards the ancient magic, or secret wisdom that was taught in the sanctuaries, which was the very opposite of supernaturalism or diabolism; others in modern spiritualism, or intercourse with the spirits of the dead; still others in mesmerism or animal magnetism, or only an occult dynamic force in nature. A certain number have scarcely yet acquired any definite belief, but are in a state of attentive expectancy; and there are even those who call themselves materialists, in a certain sense. Of atheists and bigoted sectarians of any religion, there are none in the Society; for the very fact of a man's joining it proves that he is in search of the final truth as to the ultimate essence of things."
"On the other hand the bigoted sectarian, fenced in, as he is, with a creed upon every paling of which is written the warning "No Thoroughfare," can neither come out of his enclosure to join the Theosophical Society, nor, if he could, has it room for one whose very, religion forbids examination. The very root idea of the Society is free and fearless investigation. "

A few questions araises from the above with regard to this forum Theos-talk - and on what basis it is formed and how various theosophical groups, so-called, are formulating themselves today. (To me Theos-talk is a Society in it self, and it is to me important that we do not overlook this fact).
The questions are not only aimed at the driving force named Fohat, which is said to reside within the innermost chambers of the spiritual theosophical Hearts of the so-called "Inner" Sections. But I would really like that - driving force - to listen and become active.

1. Now are we today not in fact witnesses to the fact that this view given by Blavatsky (co-founder of the TS) in the above has changed and that certain persons or theosophists are held forward as being "eminent", as if MORE "eminent", than other theosophists or persons, (avatars included?), using a doctrine of "apostolic succession" and of the "expensive statues of the more Prominents"?

2. And are we today witnesses to the fact that there appearntly is a doctrine which forbids - examination?

3. Have people in fact turned almost any theosophical group and almost any theosophical group, so-called, into a more or less biogotted secterian operation and doctrine? And if not, why do they seem to be quite unprecise with regard to secterianism and Mind Control issues versus the opposite? Is there a need for being more precise in the revised Constitution of your group with regard to this issue?

Mind Control is a term which among its views covers the fact that religious leaders or leaders of a group using Mind Control - destructively - often disallows criticism or often ignores criticism and carries on with certain unhealthy practises.
Now I, will emphasize, that I am not saying that most theosophical groups or similar ones are using Mind Control, I would just like them to be aware of this aspect in their constitutions and how they daily formulate themselves.

Let us not forget, that if you ask a person whether he or she has been religiously "brainwashed", the answer most often will be given with a smile stating: No, of course not.
And of course no theosophical group operates like this or what....?
(Try a problematic example: CUT/Summit Lighthouse on Oprah 1-5 - and add for instance the 2012 or 2028 crazes of today.)

I believe that those who don't want to teach (sometimes known as Guru's) are the ones who can and should. The West still has a vocation hang-up and has not yet discovered this. Here, the only recognized achiever is an obsessive. In the East we believe that a person who can't help doing a thing isn't necessarily the best one to do it. A compulsive cookie baker may bake very bad cookies. 

4. Why are the leading scientists no longer members of the theosophical groups as in the old days? Have those theosophical groups and forums of today become "hot potatoes", and in what respect?

5. And is the present situation among the theosophical groups and their forums a wise elevated expression of the Psychological Key to the Secret Doctrine, which the Torchbearer of the 20th centrury have forwarded, even if this Torchbearer is unknown to some and known to others? Can we say that this Psychological Key is shining like a huge beacon of LIGHT of the non-secterian entangled order of brotherhood of humanity?
Has this Psychological Key anything to do with the science of Psychology and the science of Mind Control (covering non-secterian versus secterian behaviour) in esoterical and exoterical light?

Now some persons might feel inclined to put their fingers into their very huge telepathic ears and close thier eyes to the above words, but I would add the following words to those how read them:
This email can be said to be a DESIGN. Depending on how the readers react to it a certain MEASUREMENT will take place. And later a new DESIGN may be forwarded by me or just any another person. The wise ones always measures the reactions and the designs being forwarded. They themselves are sometimes forwarding a DESIGN.

All the above are just my views and questions. And they came from the heart of compassion.
I might be in error since I do not consider myself as being infallible.

M. Sufilight

  ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: nhcareyta 
  Sent: Sunday, August 15, 2010 6:14 AM
  Subject: theos-talk Re: Thanks Eldon for your reply. MKR, please reply

  Dear MKR

  Recently you wrote, "It was the wisdom of the 
  Founders that TS was setup as a uniquely democratic 
  organization.. Transparency is a built-in protection to 
  keep democratic organizations strong and on track."

  And, "Typically, anytime any organization or its leaders 
  get involved in decisions about public access to 
  information and views and discussions about it, there
  is a natural predisposition to limit access because it 
  serves the purposes of the leadership and (their imagined) 
  welfare of the organization."

  And, "It may be recalled that years ago TSA tried to setup 
  a fully moderated maillist and it fell on its face due to lack 
  of participation. Those in charge at that time did not learn 
  the lesson and remove the moderation and make it flourish; 
  but it died a natural demise. It is possible that fear of 
  openness and its consequences may be behind the decision."

  And, "In any open organization, discussion about it and its 
  present and potentially future leadership in public will protect 
  against unwise and self serving decisions being made due to 
  lack of information and facts.

  Also recently, Eldon apprised us of his criteria for 

  MKR, despite repeated requests from numerous long standing 
  members of this forum who wish to understand your criteria
  you have thus far refused to respond.

  I understand you have barred Preethi Muthiah and Frank 
  Reitemeyer from contributing to this forum. M/s Muthiah 
  brought what she thought to be valuable information about 
  the "present and potentially future leadership" of the Adyar 
  Theosophical Society. 

  In order that we may avoid the possibility of this forum 
  dying by "natural demise" would you please disclose your 
  moderation/censorship policy. 
  From this transparency, we may all be free from fear of what 
  we may write so that, as you write, we may remain 
  "strong and on track."


  --- In, "Daniel" <danielhcaldwell@...> wrote:
  > Thanks Eldon for your reply but I see that there are still outstanding
  > questions as voiced by a good number of the Theos-Talk subscribers.
  > Plus MKR still seems hesitant to just come out and state what is what. 
  > This I think is the most troubling aspect and you can see this concern
  > voiced and echoed by participants on Theos-Talk.
  > I realize that it is hard to be a moderator but in the case of MKR
  > since he has tirelessly advocated openness and frankness from officials
  > in various TSs then it in turn is expected of him. And you can see
  > that expectation in the many comments that have been posted by various
  > subscribers.
  > Daniel


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