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Re: Thanks Eldon for your reply. MKR, please reply

Aug 14, 2010 09:14 PM
by nhcareyta

Dear MKR

Recently you wrote, "It was the wisdom of the 
Founders that TS was setup as a uniquely democratic 
organization?. Transparency is a built-in protection to 
keep democratic organizations strong and on track."

And, "Typically, anytime any organization or its leaders 
get involved in decisions about public access to 
information and views and discussions about it, there
is a natural predisposition to limit access because it 
serves the purposes of the leadership and (their imagined) 
welfare of the organization."

And, "It may be recalled that years ago TSA tried to setup 
a fully moderated maillist and it fell on its face due to lack 
of participation. Those in charge at that time did not learn 
the lesson and remove the moderation and make it flourish; 
but it died a natural demise. It is possible that fear of 
openness and its consequences may be behind the decision."

And, "In any open organization, discussion about it and its 
present and potentially future leadership in public will protect 
against unwise and self serving decisions being made due to 
lack of information and facts.

Also recently, Eldon apprised us of his criteria for 

MKR, despite repeated requests from numerous long standing 
members of this forum who wish to understand your criteria
you have thus far refused to respond.

I understand you have barred Preethi Muthiah and Frank 
Reitemeyer from contributing to this forum. M/s Muthiah 
brought what she thought to be valuable information about 
the "present and potentially future leadership" of the Adyar 
Theosophical Society. 

In order that we may avoid the possibility of this forum 
dying by "natural demise" would you please disclose your 
moderation/censorship policy. 
>From this transparency, we may all be free from fear of what 
we may write so that, as you write,  we may remain 
"strong and on track."


--- In, "Daniel" <danielhcaldwell@...> wrote:
> Thanks Eldon for your reply but I see that there are still outstanding
> questions as voiced by a good number of the Theos-Talk subscribers.
> Plus MKR still seems hesitant to just come out and state what is what. 
> This I think is the most troubling aspect and you can see this concern
> voiced and echoed by participants on Theos-Talk.
> I realize that it is hard to be a moderator but in the case of MKR
> since he has tirelessly advocated openness and frankness from officials
> in various TSs then it in turn is expected of him.  And you can see
> that expectation in the many comments that have been posted by various
> subscribers.
> Daniel

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