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Re: Why Near-Death Experiences Are .......

Aug 14, 2010 00:25 AM
by Leon Maurer

Yes, other than the experience itself (qualia), or the experiencer (i.e., perceiver, responder, etc.) ? there is nothing that occurs in total space time, or that can be consciously experienced, which is NOT based on material substantiality of individual particle/waves of one degree of mass/energy density or another.  Such particle/waves are elements of fractal involved, harmonically resonant, electro-gravitational energy fields at frequencies extending between zero and infinite ... Whether such fields are labeled physical or metaphysical, spiritual, mental, astral, material, etc.

The basic misunderstanding is the assumption that "metaphysical"*** means supernatural or magical. Another, is that the word "physical" cannot be used in several different ways, such as when referring to the "physical body" or any ponderable material forms, and also when referring to the overall or total space-time electro-gravitational field ? which includes both the higher (frequency phase) order "metaphysical" EM energy fields (spiritual, mental, astral light particle/waves) and the lower order "physical" EM energy fields (photonic light, radio, X-ray, Gamma ray particle/waves, etc.). The highest order metaphysical fields surrounding all physical fields are linked to the invisible sub-sub-quantum "virtual" particles in the Planck volume closest to their ZPE radiative source (which could account for some of the "dark matter/energy" presumed by the cosmologists, as well as the holographic nature of total reality).  

Nothing supernatural or mystical/magical is referred to by any of this... Since the physics and chemistry of all such fields are analogous and corresponding, as they are based on and governed by the same fundamental laws of cycles inherent in the angular spin momentum of their common ZPE source. Obviously, all chemistry must be fundamentally based in the interaction between electromagnetic fields, and all chemical bonds are electrical in nature.

Thus, what Philip calls "extraordinary matter" or "dark matter", Leon sometimes calls "metaphysical matter" (to distinguish it from the supra-physical matter of the even higher frequency phase order cosmic fields) or "higher order EM fields" ... And what Philip calls "ordinary matter" Leon sometimes calls "physical matter" or "ponderable matter".

Apparently they are both talking about the same things.  Since Philip's "bio-dark matter body" is Leon's "Astral body", Philip's "bio-dark matter particles" or "axions" and their chemistry is Leon's "astral field particles" or "astrons" and their analogous chemistry.  

The only difference, apparently, being that astral chemistry is based on a higher frequency phase order electromagnetic (inner light) field that is analogous and corresponding to the electromagnetic (visible light) fields on the lowest order physical/material level. SEE: 

Since all fields of energy, whether beyond our physical or so called "natural" means of detection or not, originate from the same source of potential energy on the level of pure spin-momentum or unconditioned absolute zero-point space ? which exists eternally without any form or extension... There is nothing that phenomenally exists which is NOT "natural" or a substantial part of overall spacetime and all its differentiations, fractal harmonics, particle/waves, etc..  

Therefore, there cannot be any magical or supernatural forces in either manifest or unmanifest existence.  Even the highest order spiritual field surrounding any ZP source, from the cosmos on down to its lowest order physical level, each vibrating at near infinite frequencies ? is as much a part of overall nature, as is the lowest frequency vibrations of tangible/ponderable forms of matter on the physical/material level we normally experience.   

Ergo, there also cannot be any magical or supernatural processes underlying the NDE/OOBE experiences... Since they simply are altered states of zero-point consciousness linked to the higher order metaphysical fields that are superior and primary with respect to both the physical body's EM fields and the sidereal light fields we normally experience. e.g., the astral body is fully formed and existent as an ideal structural hologram or "blueprint" on the metaphysical astral plane, before the living body grows on the physical plane after conception.

Also, since those higher order fields are independent of the lower order fields composing (or radiating from) the living body itself, they would remain still intact, along with their common zero-point of our individual consciousness, after death of the physical brain-body.  

THus, life after death, NDE/OOBE, and other altered states of consciousness in deep meditation, under drug induced changes in the brain, or when in dream sleep states, are fully explained by the direct linking of zero-point consciousness to the higher order fields radiated from the spin momentum surrounding it. This spin momentum, incidentally, would be the source of the power of will that is initiated by conscious or unconscious (non attentive) intention.

So, while the astral body (linked directly to the DNA on both their resonant field levels) is the guide for the formation of the physical body as it grows to maturity ? the field which contains it is completely independent and able to detach itself at will, or when the material body dies.  Also, since even higher order mental and spiritual fields would be prior and superior to the astral field, their longer lifetimes could account for future rebirths or reincarnations.

Presumedly, all the inducements of such states by magnetic fields or through chemical interference with the brain (such as excretion into it of DMT from the pineal gland when death is imminent) should be proof enough that all such states and conditions of consciousness, independent of the body, are entirely possible, that the universe is a hologram, and that consciousness is a fundamental quality of primal or absolute space itself, and does not depend on any living organisms for its continued existence or experience ? so long as the physical/material universe exists.

As for myself, my own experience of an NDE and subsequent self induced OOBEs, coupled with mind experiments based on the ABC fractal field geometric model of cosmogenesis ? is sufficient evidence that consciousness is fundamental, and mind/memory are independent higher order fields... And, that the brain-sensory system is simply a holographic image transformer and energy transponder, channel switcher, transmitter. It has no other subjective consciousness (perceptive/responsive, thinking) or long term memory storage functions.  Obviously, the reason why consciousness, when separated from the body, can see without eyes or a brain, is that, coupled with its ZPE coherent radiation, it can reconstruct and directly perceive a hologram stored as wave interference patterns on the higher order (astral, mental, memory, etc.) radiant fields surrounding it. Such higher order mind/memory fields incidentally are the vehicles of intuition.   

Leon Maurer
Or Online

***meta- (also met- before a vowel or h)
combining form
1 denoting a change of position or condition : metamorphosis | metathesis.
2 denoting position behind, after, or beyond: : metacarpus.
3 denoting something of a higher or second-order kind : metalanguage |

On Aug 10, 2010, at 8/10/1011:04 AM, Philip Benjamin wrote:

> NDE/OBE: Physical or Metaphysical? 
> Assume Leon is correct and NDE/OBE are true.  Still, they are "events" that become part of and occur in the physical realm. Events in the physical realm of necessity must be physical also. Here two kinds of "physicalities" also seem necessary-one ordinary and the other extraordinary, one electromagnetic (EM) and the other non-electromagnetic (non-EM), one where electric charges and the other where magnetic monopoles are in operation. Axion-like bio dark-matter particles corresponding to electrons, protons and neutrons then will give a bio dark-matter body supervened and coupled to each other  via spin-spin interactions of "light" and "dark" chemical bonds. Dissociations of these couplings can cause NDE/OBE experiences in certain cases depending on the patient conditions and near death circumstances. Prof. Persinger has shown these experiences can be induced in the laboratory and reproduced by complex [i.e. "varying"] low energy magnetic fields (using different magnets). Magnetic effects on 
> "light" chemical bonds are well known and they cannot be ruled out in "dark" chemical bonds. There is no need to bring in the "supernatural" or mysticism/metaphysics into this. 
> The differential rates of biophoton emission across the taxa also throws some light on this. The ratio of the emission rates between plants and animals can be predicted and agrees with the experimental value of Popp etal. 
> References;
> 1. Dark Chemistry & the Paranormal, WorldComp'10 Proceedingstional Journal of Applied Science & Computations,Vol. 17, No. 1 Pages 16 to 36, June 2010. Philip Benjamin
> 3. Dark Matter & Dark Chemistry NeuroQuantology September 2007, Vol 5 # 3, 322-326.
>      Philip Benjamin
> 4. Dark Chemistry or Psychic Spin Pixel? NeuroQuantology, June 2007, Vol. 5 # 2, 197-204.
>      Philip Benjamin
> 5. Mind Matter, Noetic Journal Vol 4 # 4, 351-360, 2003  [Nobelist Sir John Eccles Centennial Edition]. Philip Benjamin
> 6. BBC News - LHC smashes beam collision record Jun 28, 2010 ... Scientists working on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) say they have ... Higgs boson or even dark matter." A Cern report - 
> To:
> From:  >>>eon@ Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2010 20:47:38 -0400
> Subject: Re: [Mind and Brain] Why Near-Death Experiences Are .......
> [Leon] All these supposedly scientific refutations are entirely flawed ? since they rest on the unproven and invalid assumptions that matter is all there is, and that consciousness is an emergent epiphenomena of the brain's neurological system. Thus, unjustifiably conflating subjectivity with objectivity, and consciousness (awareness, will, qualia, thinking, choosing, etc.) with the image information of consciousness.  
> On Aug 8, 2010, at 8/8/104:00 AM, Anna wrote:
> Why Near-Death Experiences Are a Flimsy Justification for the Idea That We Have Immortal Souls 
> The evidence supporting the 'independent soul' explanation is flimsy at best. It is unsubstantiated. It comes largely from personal anecdotes. It is internally inconsistent.
> August 7, 2010  |    
> There's this phenomenon -- consciousness.
> There are essentially two ways to explain it. Either it's a physical, biological product of the brain -- or it has a component other than brain function: a soul that is separate from the brain, and that survives when the brain dies.
> And there are two sets of evidence supporting these two explanations.
> The evidence supporting the "biological product of the brain" explanation comes from rigorously-gathered, carefully-tested, thoroughly cross-checked, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, replicated, peer-reviewed research. An enormous mountain of research. A mountain of research that is growing more mountainous every day.
> I cannot emphasize this enough. Read any current book on neurology or neuropsychology... or at least, any current book on neurology or neuropsychology that isn't written by a woo believer with an axe to grind who's cherry-picking the data. .......
> This is the increasingly clear conclusion of the science: Consciousness is a product of the brain. Period.
> And this evidence has been gathered, and continues to be gathered, using the gold standard of evidence, methods specifically designed to filter out biases and known cognitive errors as much as is humanly possible: rigorously-gathered, carefully-tested, thoroughly cross-checked, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, replicated, peer-reviewed research. .......including near-death experiences, and the supposedly inexplicable things that happen to some people during them.
> .....
> And I have yet to see a good explanation for a believer in near-death experiences of why they don't happen to everyone: why they only happen to a small percentage of people who are near death. Are they saying that only about 10 percent of people have souls? Really? Is that an argument you want to make?
> ........ "..........Given that all this is true.
> Given that the evidence supporting the "biological process of the brain" explanation is rigorously gathered, carefully tested, thoroughly cross-checked, internally consistent, consistent with everything we know about how the brain and the mind work, able to produce mind-bogglingly accurate predictions, not slanted toward wishful thinking, and is expanding our understanding of the mind every day.
> .......
> Yes, weird things sometimes happen to some people's minds when they're near death. Weird things often happen to people's minds during altered states of consciousness. Exhaustion, stress, distraction, trance-like repetition, optical illusion, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, sensory overload... any of these physical changes to the brain, and more, can create vivid "perceptions" that are entirely disconnected from reality. It's been extensively demonstrated. And being near death is an altered state of consciousness, a physical change to the brain. (What's more, as my wife Ingrid keeps pointing out: Near death experiences are not death. What happens to consciousness when the brain is briefly deprived of oxygen tells us nothing about what happens to consciousness when the brain is decayed in the grave into dust and nothingness.)
> ........
> Or the supernatural one -- the one that's backed up by anecdotes, cognitive biases, bad logic, and wishful thinking?
> Look. I don't want to die, either. Just about nobody wants to die. That includes scientists, and it includes researchers into neurology and neuropsychology and consciousness. ................. Reality is more important than anything we could make up about it. ............
> =

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