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Re: Damage done to Theosophical movement by online forums like Theos-talk

Aug 11, 2010 10:16 PM
by Cass Silva

Where have you been?
>From: Supreme <>
>Sent: Wed, 11 August, 2010 8:59:08 PM
>Subject: Damage done to Theosophical movement by online forums like Theos-talk
>When I became active online around seven years back and observed messages at 
>various online forums like Theos-talk, by various members and person in 
>Theosophical circles, I was extremely disappointed. Theosophical movement had 
>reached at all time low level. Fundamentalism around Blavatsky's writing, 
>fighting between followers of different Theosophical organizations, lack of 
>knowledge and wisdom, complete lack of brotherhood and common sense. Overall any 
>person who participated in such forums was bound to degrade. And that is what 
>had happened. There was overall degradation. 
>I think main cause of this degradation of Theosophical movement was freedom 
>given to participants of these online groups to send misleading messages that 
>effectively destroyed Theosophical environment. 
>These online groups only showed to the world that brotherhood and common sense 
>did not exist in Theosophical Society. So unmoderated groups like Theos-talk do 
>much damage to Theosophical movement. If at all group discussion is allowed it, 
>it should be in well moderated group. 
>Better still to read good books on Theosophy and form your opinion instead of 
>reading messages of ignorant and mediocre people. In books you at least know 
>what qualified people are saying. There you get ideas from wiser people. If you 
>read writings of foolish people, you are reading foolish ideas that make you 
>I would recommend Eldon Tucker to delete permanently archives at 
> and elsewhere. They do much damage to Theosophical 
>movement, the karma of which is borne to much extent by the owners of such 
>websites and online forums.


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