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Damage done to Theosophical movement by online forums like Theos-talk

Aug 11, 2010 03:59 AM
by Supreme

When I became active online around seven years back and observed messages at various online forums like Theos-talk, by various members and person in Theosophical circles, I was extremely disappointed. Theosophical movement had reached at all time low level. Fundamentalism around Blavatsky's writing, fighting between followers of different Theosophical organizations, lack of knowledge and wisdom, complete lack of brotherhood and common sense. Overall any person who participated in such forums was bound to degrade. And that is what had happened. There was overall degradation. 
I think main cause of this degradation of Theosophical movement was freedom given to participants of these online groups to send misleading messages that effectively destroyed Theosophical environment. 
These online groups only showed to the world that brotherhood and common sense did not exist in Theosophical Society. So unmoderated groups like Theos-talk do much damage to Theosophical movement. If at all group discussion is allowed it, it should be in well moderated group. 
Better still to read good books on Theosophy and form your opinion instead of reading messages of ignorant and mediocre people. In books you at least know what qualified people are saying. There you get ideas from wiser people. If you read writings of foolish people, you are reading foolish ideas that make you foolish. 
I would recommend Eldon Tucker to delete permanently archives at and elsewhere. They do much damage to Theosophical movement, the karma of which is borne to much extent by the owners of such websites and online forums.

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