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Interesting developments in NZ Section of TS

Aug 10, 2010 02:38 PM
by MKR

There is an interesting development in NZ Section. HPB Lodge in Auckland, NZ
has come up with a proposal to restructure the TSNZ National organization.
It would be interesting to see what their ideas are. The details are yet to
be seen. Keep tuned. Here is an excerpt on the issue.

âIn light of the urgent issues outlined in the recent letter sent to HPB
members, a group of concerned members have produced a discussion document
proposing a restructuring of the governance bodies of our national TSNZ

It is felt that the current structure is outdated and is no longer able to
function to the benefit of the Society as a wholeâ. â

ââ. will be inviting feedback from as many of you as possible, as an issue
as important as this cannot simply be dealt with by a select few via the
National Council. We feel it must be canvassed via the membership, in a true
spirit of democracy and transparency.â


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