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Re: Katinka's Views of Theos-Talk

Aug 10, 2010 12:30 PM
by Sampsa Kuukasjarvi

My answer to Daniel's question is: I think we have gotten some answers from MKR. That is good. Some suspicions against him were misunderstandings.

I wouldn't like to beat our new moderator and hard worker more (he has had hard times lately), but I have to, because he has so loud required transparency from the TS Sections.

What still worries me is that MKR acts like a politician, who is afraid to get caught from a lie. My impression is that he doesn't answer questions properly, but is beating around the bush. For instance: he has not said if he deleted those posts or not. What he says is that the messages are safe elsewhere and that it is possible for posters to delete their messages.

This is a matter of trust and principle. If he has made a mistake, I think he should admit it, and we would be happy. MKR's own advise to Tiger Woods on this list was that Tiger should have acknowledges his sins immediately, because the situation got worse due to silence. Isn't there a similar situation in here?

Besides, one problem is that at least Preethi and Frank have been censored here while MKR has all the time said that this list is unmoderated. If the reasons for censoring were that the messages were too personal, okay, but let us not talk about an unmoderated list then.



--- In, "Daniel" <danielhcaldwell@...> wrote:
> The link below gives the most current view Katinka
> has of Theos-Talk:
> My question is:
> Have all those concerns NOW been answered and addressed and
> is Katinka reconsidering her view as expressed in the above post?
> I bring this up not to put Katinka on the spot but since some of her views were also expressed by other Theos-Talk subscribers, I am thinking outloud:
> Have all the concerns and questions as given in her posting been adequately answered and addressed?
> Daniel

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