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Public Access to Messages

Aug 10, 2010 06:59 AM
by MKR

Messages on theos-talk and the archives of theos-talk (
are public. So anyone can access any message, whether one is a member or
not. Another advantage of being public is that all the search engines access
them and index them so that anyone searching on Internet can find them. It
was Eldonâs foresight that the messages are public and we all owe him our

Recently a theosophist made a comment that the archives are invaluable
historical material for the benefit of future theosophists and historians.
Due to the world-wide participation of theosophists, these archives contain
information that you will find no where else. In addition, the archives
contain contemporaneous viewpoints as events, big and small, take place in
theosophical movement. The participation of theosophists belonging to
various organizations as well as none, makes it all the more valuable and
important. It is hoped that with the current young generation growing up in
Internet culture will make the list larger and more vibrant and thus more
important and invaluable.

The message archives of the first theosophical mailllist,,
are archived by Eldon at and available for public access.
Visit the archives and you will find very interesting messages.


There is no religion higher than Truth

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